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Latest blog posts

British Columbia’s Top “College Towns”

Like many places in the world, British Columbia is home to its fair share of college towns, student hubs and universities. Something B.C. has the other places don’t? Incredible ocean-view campuses, easily accessible outdoor adventures and plenty of other B.C. lifestyle perks! Want to know where some of the Top B.C. Universities are located and…

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Top 10 B.C. National and Provincial Parks

British Columbia is a stunning province known for its unbeatable features. Naturally, it gets right down to the nature of things, boasting over one thousand Provincial Parks. These pockets of protected land give B.C. locals and visitors alike the chance to get back in touch with nature, escape the urban routines of daily life and…

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Top Things to do on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a unique outcropping from the mainland of British Columbia. It is its own paradise and is a lot bigger than most people expect! The Island, as locals tend to call it, spans nearly 500km in length, and 100km across. Over 700,000 people live there! In fact, Vancouver Island is the 11th largest…

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