The Province of British Columbia is a fisherman’s dream come true with nearly any type of fishing imaginable available. It’s hard to find a destination where you can’t try your hand at landing something for dinner, whether it’s a healthy trout, or a picture-perfect Pacific salmon.

B.C. is home to numerous lakes (20,000+) and rivers (750,000km+) that make for the perfect place to drop a line. Fly fishing, casting and trolling are a great way to spend the day, whether from the shore, waist deep, or out of a boat in the middle of a well-stocked lake. When it gets cold enough, you may even have the opportunity to try out ice fishing! The more you fish British Columbia, the more insight you’ll gain into the local fisheries, and the secret hotspots. There are great fishing holes easily accessed from the road, while others require 4WD and a tent for a full camp-out adventure.



On the coast of British Columbia, you have a whole additional range of fishing – saltwater fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Salmon fishing is one of the top things to do while visiting British Columbia and gives visitors the experience of a lifetime! The west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the best places to do it. Tons of Chinook and Coho salmon pass by the coast every summer, and numerous visitors try their luck at catching a Tyee (a Chinook salmon weighing over 30lbs). Trolling in the ocean is an exhilarating experience and there’s nothing like a fresh salmon dinner from fish you caught yourself! The coast also boasts great fly fishing, as the returning salmon can be caught in the rivers.

Off the coast of British Columbia, you can also catch creatures like lingcod and halibut. Both are great, white meat options and require different tactics than salmon fishing. A fishing excursion to the open ocean is a fantastic way to experience true life in British Columbia. The history of fishing in places like Ucluelet and Tofino traces all the way back to the local First Nations groups!

Fishing is a favourite pastime of many British Columbia locals, and it makes for a fun-filled day on any vacation. Plus, you’ll be spending quality time surrounded by the famous beauty of British Columbia’s waterways.


Here are some of the top places for saltwater salmon fishing in British Columbia:


Below is a list of the top destinations for freshwater fishing in British Columbia:

  • Skeena River
  • Stamp River
  • Quesnel Lake
  • Fraser River
  • Williston Lake
  • Elk River